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Dr. Teah Hairston

Dr. Teah Hairston is the founder of Be Love Holistic, LLC, a philanthropic business that offers holistic health and wellness programs and consulting to equip Black women with information, education, and resources intended to improve and optimize mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

Dr. Hairston can be reached at

Be Love Holistic Website


Dr. Gigi Smith

Dr. Smith’s interest in business and technology bloomed in college, where she realized its transformative power to influence how people think, work and live. Gigi holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, a Master’s in Business Administration and a Doctorate in Management. Extensively published, her research is well-documented across multiple disciplines including and in addition to technology, leadership, business, management, project management, and marketing.

This is what Dr. Smith did for more than two decades and it served her and her family well.  As she embarked on her second half of life, she does things that  speak to her heart.

Dr. Smith can be reached at

Tapping with Dr. Gigi Website

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Melissa Muganzo Murphy

Melissa Muganzo Murphy

Melissa Muganzo, pronouns she/they/sis, is the CEO of Muganzo Entertainment, Executive Producer of the summer film “The Big Hysto: A Black Womb Revolution” and Owner of Mindy’s Kitchen. She is an actress, activist, and humanitarian who believes in the power of Black ingenuity being the global catalyst to historically and presently advance global technology, engineering, entertainment, and inclusion.

Muganzo graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Community and Regional Development from UC Davis in 2011, received her masters degree in Higher Education Leadership in 2013, completed her professional certificate in Entrepreneurship in 2018 from Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy and is a graduate of California’s State Legislature program “The Alchemist MicroEnterprise Academy.”

Melissa’s life motto is “do it afraid first, and then with confidence” and sees herself as a living legend in real time. And, on any given day, you can find Melissa laughing at social media memes, binging Abbot Elementary, or falling asleep to classic 90’s Black sitcoms.

Ms. Wanda

Ms. Wanda

Wanda Abney is an expert at creating space for women to disrupt thought patterns, get clear on their worth and show up authentically.

Ms. Abney is a highly sought-after speaker and coach, who has a heart for seeing people thrive in every situation. Her energetic presentations are centered around encouraging others to walk in the freedom of the life they desire.

A 20+ year cancer survivor, Wanda certainly has had her share of life changing events. She readily shares her story of overcoming difficult circumstances on her popular radio talk show and podcast “Full Circle” and on stage. In her essay, “Freedom by G.R.A.C.E.”, Wanda recounts the steps she took to heal after a painful divorce.

As the CEO of SpeakHer Consulting LLC, Ms. Abney coaches women who seek to become confident public speakers by helping them craft a message that supports their vision and authentic voice.

Ashley Faison

Ashley Faison

By celebrating the accomplishments of professionals, Ashley Faison eliminates insecurities and creates career plans to position them for negotiations that land a higher salary. She is a certified resume writer with 12+ years of experience reviewing hiring packages and sitting on interview panels. LLC is a black-owned, woman-owned, survivor-led business committed to improving the economic status and quality of life for women through professional development coaching and resume writing.

Ashley proudly serves as a desired Professional Development Consultant, working with non-profits that serve survivors of sex trafficking across the U.S.

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– Jessica Austin


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